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Aerial Delivery Systems


Ballenger International, LLC is committed to delivering quality products. Whether a requirement calls for flight safety hardware, ground support equipment, helicopter underslung or airdrop/air transport by fixed wing aircraft, our customers can rely on Ballenger's experience, integrity and commitment to excellence.

Aerial Delivery Equipment
• G11, G12, and G14 Cargo Parachutes
• 22’ and 26’ Ringslot Parachutes
• Extraction Parachutes
• Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems (LCADS)
• A-22 Aerial Delivery Containers
• Multi-loop Slings
• Type V Platforms
• EFTC Assembly
• Suspension Link Assembly
• Tandem Link Assembly
• 3-point Link Assembly
• 2-point Link Assembly

• Large Clevis
• Medium Clevis
• Small Clevis

• Multi-Cut Strap
• Timer
• Dereefing Cutter
• M-1 and M-2 Parachute Releases
• Ground Disconnects
• Support Hardware
• Honeycomb - Energy Dissipating
• Consumables


Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems
The Low Cost Aerial Delivery System (LCADS) is a one-time use, disposable, pre-packed stand-alone airdrop system consisting of a modular suite of low cost airdrop items, and is comprised of parachutes, containers, platforms, and other air items configured for aerial delivery of loads.

• Low Cost High Velocity Parachute (LCHV)
• Low Cost Low Velocity Parachute (LCLV)
• Low Cost Low Altitude Cross Parachute (LCLAC)
• Low Cost Containers (LCC)
• Low Cost Ground Release (LCGR)

• Consulting
• Training
• Logistic Support
• Manufacturing
• Project Management
• Engineering

Aerial Delivery System Design
If it can be dropped by air, Ballenger International can provide a total product/support system. Ballenger can produce a system customized to meet your unique requirements.
• Low Velocity Airdrop (LVAD)
• Low Altitude Parachute Extraction Systems (LAPES)
• Container Delivery Systems (CDS)
• Specialized Delivery Systems
• Helicopter External Transport

Air Transportability / Airdrop Qualification
From start to finish, our specialists can guide you through every step of aerial delivery certification. Ballenger professionals can design a comprehensive package to include rigged load drawings, weight and balance calculations and measurements, restraint criteria, energy displacement material configuration, and slinging and tie-down requirements.