Ballenger International, LLC  

Supplier to Military & Law Enforcement


Our Mobile Training Teams are composed of former U.S. military training instructors and law enforcement personnel depending upon the requirement and mission. We can conduct basic or comprehensive courses or can create a custom course based on your exact needs and requirements. Ballenger International, LLC has training teams available for the following courses:


Jump Training

Basic Freefall Course 
Basic Military Freefall Course
Advanced Military Freefall Course
Jumpmaster Course
Parachute Instructor Course
Tandem Master Course





Parachute Rigger Training

Senior Parachute Rigger Course
Master Parachute Rigger Course
Continuing Skills Course
Additional Parachute Rigger Ratings Course
Sewing Machine Operation and Maintenance
Parachute Rigger Military Troop Parachutes
Parachute Rigger Military Tactical Parachutes



Aerial Delivery

Aerial Delivery Packing and Rigging
Aerial Delivery Ground Handling Crews for Lift Load Preparation
Aerial Delivery Landing Zone Procedures A
erial Delivery Underslung Operating Procedures


Basic Operations & Maintenance Course
Long Range Shooting Course
Armorer Course